World Largest Battery Smartphone Oukitel K10000 Review

The Oukitel K10000 is a phone manufactured yet by another Chinese company. If you’re thinking why this phone has so many zeros in its name, it’s because it has a massive 10,000mAh battery!

Oukitel K10000 smartphone was released this year in December, and the company says that it can run for 5 days continuously without the need to charge. Oh well, it has such a huge battery. It should be able to do it.

The packaging contains the following items:

K10000 Cellphone, Power Adapter1, a USB Cable and an English Manual.

A trend followed by most of the smartphone manufacturers is that the phones don’t contain earphone, Oukitel is no different.

It also comes with Android Lollipop out of the box with a custom theme from the company which has all the apps on the home screen and there is not secondary menu present, just like most of the other Chinese smartphone manufacturers!


The K10000 smartphone is designed to have A hexagonal design for the mid-frame, which were made to be curved as well as angular, being unique and also comfortable to grip. The full steel frame will give the phone not only a better looking but also provides a rock-solid build and a good drop resistance.

The OUKITEL K10000 is also applying the latest frameless design that will offer us 86% screen-to-body ratio so we could have a larger usable screen.


With a 5.5-inch IPS LCD screen and a resolution of 1280 x 720 – 720p the phone offers decent visual experience, millions of colors and sharp brightness. The display has a 224 pixels per inch, which is below the standard on the industry.


With MTK6735 64-bit Quad-Core processor that is running on 1GHz together with 2GB of RAM, this phone doesn’t have high end specs, whereas its in the mid range. Considering the build quality and a huge battery, the K10000 offers an expected performance. The K1000 smartphone have 16GB of storage that can be extended with TF card up to 32GB. Together with 32GB card, we can have 48GB in total that is more than enough.

You will be able to run your favourite games or movies smoothly and at the same time, you can enjoy maximum in them thanks to the massive display. The phone is great both for business and personal usage.


The K10000 smartphone sports a dual camera: 13MP on the rear and 5MP front (Interpolated), with up to 1600 ISO sensor, it can take beautiful photos even in low light lighting condition. With the Dual-Tone LED flash it will provide us with better and improved color reproduction.

Oukitel K10000 Battery

The main thing about this phone is the battery, and we have to talk about it a bit. As  the world’s largest battery capacity smartphone, the K10000 supports up to 10-15 days of regular use or twenty hours of screen-on time.
Even if we are taking a super long trip, we should have no worries about getting short of power.
K10000 also offers OTG function to reverse charge multiple devices at the same time.

We have tested the Reverse Charge option, yes you’re thinking correctly. This phone also acts like a PowerBank and can give battery to any other phone.this indeed is something good to think of, as the K10000 users, and their friends will not need to carry a PowerBank again

The K1000 uses top level flash-charge chipset in the charger and unique pump-express charging technology. This technology enables us to charge the 10000mAh battery within 3.5 hours, which is amazingly fast.

K10000 offers a convenient function for daily use.

Functions like draw down three fingers for a quick screen shot or double tap to lock screen.

While the screen is black we can access to any application we want, all we have to do is to draw the first letter of the desired application, and the system will automatically find it and run it. We can change these settings also by adding individual letters to desired APPs in order to make it even easier for use.

Our Opinion

This phone has an amazingly humongous battery and is the best phone a traveller, Trekker or someone who isn’t near a power point can buy. The phones other features are pretty impressive too. It will give a competition to many of the Smartphone startups as well as the biggies like Samsung.


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