Tathastu Universal 360 Degree Rotable Car Mobile Holder


Tathastu Universal 360 Degree Rotable Car Mobile Holder

Tathastu The at-first-glance stylish holder offers not only amazing modern design but will also take great care of your mobile device. The underside of the sucker disk features a special adhesive layer that improves attachability. Included is a special 3M film for uneven permeable surfaces so the holder can be attached not only to glass but also to any dashboard.Durable, solid easy to install and release on vehicles windshield Suction mechanism works perfectly on plain smooth surfaces such as glass, plain tiles or other plain surfaces like glossy laminate, refrigerator wall, granite etc Its perfect to be mounted on car windshield as the same is made from glass It will not work perfectly with surfaces which are not smooth 360° rotary joint

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