P6100 2PCS Oscilloscope Probe Kit DC-100MHz Scope Clip Test Probe 100MHz For Tektronix HP X1/X10 sonda osciloscopio wholesale

Product Description

Oscilloscope probe

By Cleqee

Features and specifications:

Adjustable oscilloscope probe that is compatible with the BNC interface, digital oscilloscopes, virtual oscilloscopes, handheld oscilloscopes, etc.

Model: P6100
Bandwidth: DC-100MHz
Rise time: 3.5ns
Attenuation ratio: 1X/10X
Input resistance: 1MΩ/10MΩ±2%
Input capacitance: 1X:70pF-120pF, 10X:13pF-18pF
Maximum input: 1X-200 working voltage (Vp-p),
10X-600 working voltage (Vp-p)
Compensation range: 14 – 35pF
Operation environment: 0-50℃ ,0-80%RH
Storage environment: -20-60℃ ,0-90%RH
Size:110 ± 2cm
Weight: About 130g/set

Package includes:
• 2 x Probes
• 8 x Marker rings
• 2 x Ground leads
• 2 x IC Test Protection Cap
• 1 x Adjustment tool
• 1 x User manual


Oscilloscope Probe Body

Grounding Lead

CH Color Circle

Test Hook

IC Test Protection Cap

High quality metal BNC plug

Adjustable capacitor for calibrating oscilloscope probes



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