NutroActive BrownXatta, HIGH Protein Keto Friendly Flour

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Rs. 332 Rs. 396 Buy It Now

NutroActive BrownXatta, HIGH Protein Keto Friendly Flour

  • Low Carb & Keto Friendly –BrownXatta contains only 25% carb as against 70%-80% in normal wheat or multigrain flour. That means each chapatti (roti) contains only 5gm carb as against 25g-30g in normal chapatti. BrownXatta is an innovative product; it took us more than 10 years of research and experiment to develop a formulation in which the carbohydrate content can be minimized along with maintaining taste and softness. It is a multipurpose flour which can be used for baking and making chapatti.
  • High Protein – Protein is an important nutrient for kids, adults or elderly; NutroActive BrownXatta provides three times more protein than normal wheat atta. Each chapatti of BrownXatta provides around 7 g protein which is equivalent to two whole eggs. BrownXatta is an excellent option for vegetarians because in vegetarian diet there are very few good source of protein. Now your rotis can add more protein to your diet and helps you managing the healthy lifestyle. High Fiber – BrownXatta is rich in fiber and contains 20% more fiber as compare to normal wheat flour. Normally high fiber flours which are considered to be healthy make hard and dry chapattis. BrownXatta is a great combination with high protein, high fiber and low carb and still chapatti remains soft and tasty even after hours. Each chapatti of BrownXatta contains 3.6 grams of dietary fibers.

NutroActive BrownXatta, HIGH Protein & Low Carb Keto Friendly Flour 850 gm

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