Henko Stain Care Powder – 2 kg with 1 kg Free


Henko Stain Care Powder – 2 kg with 1 kg Free

  • Henko stain champion is a superfine powder with oxygen power which dissolves tough stains like mud, ink, oil and chocolate instantly without harming your clothes
    Henko stains champion powder for your everyday happy clothes. Have you ever wondered why it takes so much time and effort to remove tough stains from your kid’s clothes and often it leads to fraying of clothes. This is because regular detergents have harsh chemicals for stain removal that remove stains but also harm your clothes. henkos stains care with oxygen power is made with superior technology which makes the powder superfine so that it dissolves instantly and removes the toughest of stains. care enzymes ensure that stains are removed with the utmost care, leaving clothes looking bright and new.

Henko Matic Front Load Detergent - 2 kg with Free 1kg

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