Flymemo Hammer Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Ear buds Headset Review

The latest headset from Flymemo is not only wireless, but also uses Bluetooth technology of 4.0 versions. These are designed in the hammer shape to give an attractive look. When worn it will be more stylish then the normal designed headset due to its appealing structure. These ear buds allows us to listen and enjoy the music with the high quality sound produced from them. It will produce flawless conversion in order to give hand free channel of communication.

Flymemo Hammer Ear buds headset, in order to give high quality sound as output, they are designed with CRS8640 V4.0 chips. The microphone that is accompanied with the headset which allows talking on the phone calls is of high definition quality. In order to set the volume high or low or to play the next song or last song according to our requirement, it is possible through the buttons that are present on the Micro Phone. This headset can be used with any of the smart phones or tablets or Bluetooth devices. The frequency range of this hammer shaped head set is 2. 4 to 2.48 Ghz while the distance is 10 meters. In order to charge the headphones it is necessary to check in the smart phone or tablets or Bluetooth devices in the device where it has been inserted. Once this head sets is fully charged then it will be allow us to listen to the music or talk on the call for approximately 8 hours and not less then this time. While the standby time of this head set is maximum of 180 hours. This headset speaker size is 10mm 32 Ohms.

Flymemo Hammer Ear buds head set can be charged using the power adapter. It uses voltage of 5 volts and power of 200 mA. This head set will be charged fully only if the charging will be for complete 2 hours. It will support A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP and APT – X Talk. This head set is available only in one colour that is Neon Green. Even the line along with soft cushions present on ear buds is also in Green color of florescent shade, while the black colour in-line is for controls and drivers. In the design of this headset Bluetooth is available on the cord that will connect both the ear pieces. One of the most important thing which we check before purchasing head set is the ear buds, so these ear buds are not only perfectly designed but also fits well in the ears. In order to provide comfort according to our requirement while using this head set, they provide us with extra soft gel ear buds. So, that there will not be any difficulty. Also this head set is provided with short charging cable that has USB as well as mini-USB.

Flymemo Hammer Head set can be charged using the R – speaker which is present near the mini USB attachment. The sound produced by these head set is excellent and the noise distortion is very less and does not disturb the conversation or even while we enjoy the music. This head set can even be used while we go for morning walk or do exercises because even we are completely poured by sweat even then there will not be any damage and still works fine. One of the drawback that is noticed in this head set is that same button will be used for increasing the volume as well as for hearing the last played song. But it would have been good if it is designed in such a way that the button for decreasing volume and last played song will be one and the same.


Flymemo Hammer Head set can be purchased at very affordable rate at $29.99. Though this headset is having high end features but still it is available at very low cost. Hence as per my opinion this is the best head set which I would like to add in my shopping list.


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