Dust Odor Machine Home Bedroom Aromatherapy Humidifier


Dust Odor Machine Home Bedroom Aromatherapy Humidifier

The mist formed by essential oil and water mist can fully release the fragrance of essential oil in the air, which can not only moisturize, hydrate and purify the air, but also release fragrance, fresh air and relieve pressure.
● The incense machine adopts the three-dimensional air duct design, which ensures the smooth air inlet, fine mist discharge, and effectively forms the annular fog discharge effect.
With 1.7 million vibrations per second, the aerosol tablet generates even fog, avoids condensation of water droplets, and does not wet the surrounding objects, leaving only a warm, moist and comfortable environment.
● Add essential oil can last 6 hours after fog, turn on the aromatherapy machine at work, almost no need to add water before work.
Also can choose intermittence to give mist mode, can give mist continuously 12 hours, before sleeping, open, all night moist good sleep.
● Multi-gear timing, accurate and adjustable, you can set the spray duration according to your needs, there are three timing modes: 1h, 3h, 5h.
● Four-color gradual change breathing atmosphere lamp, choose your favorite color at any time, create a romantic atmosphere, let the environment more emotional and imagination space. Dust Odor
You can also lock your favorite lights and use them as night lights.
● The aroma machine is equipped with intelligent induction device, once the remaining water is insufficient, ten flashing red breathing light, aroma opportunity automatically shut down, the aroma machine when dumping automatically power off 7 aroma machine with silent design, the sound control within 35 decibels, accompanied by warm, not at night to disturb your sleep.

VIOMI Humidification Dust Odor Machine Home Bedroom Aromatherapy Humidifier

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