Bentag 20 LED 4W Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light – Pack of 1

₹359 ₹999 Buy It Now
₹359 ₹999 Buy It Now

Super Bright 20 LED Lights The solar light is super bright and covers a wide area with a strong illumination. Equipped with 20 LEDs, it is much brighter than other similar solar lights. Three Sensitive Motion Sensor Modes with Strong Sensor Ball head This solar light has updated PIR motion sensor and become more powerful. It can detect motion up to 26 feet away. Also it has three motion sensor modes for this solar light.

1. Full-on mode. From sunset to sunrise, the solar light will remain on and at full brightness (charge this should be from 8-10 hours). The solar light will automatically turn itself off at daybreak.

2. Reduced light mode. After sunset, the solar light will remain on, but at a reduced brightness. When movement is detected by the motion detector the solar light will automatically go to full brightness and remain there for 15 seconds, then the light will automatically return to reduced brightness.

3. Motion Detector Only mode. After sunset, the solar light acts solely as a motion detector. The light remains off at all times until movement is detected. When movement is detected, the light will turn on to full brightness and remain on for 15 seconds, and then the light will automatically turn itself off. Solar powered & Energy-saving This solar light comes with high efficient solar panel compared with other solar lights, this means getting faster battery charging in less sunshine environment. Please mount in the direct sunshine place. Easy to Install Super easy to setup and install, add the needed light source for your house without extra expense and electrical wire. Durable & Waterproof Solar Lights: Made of high-impact ABS material, this 20 LEDs motion sensor lights is IP65 waterproof so it can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions.

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