Aqua Ultra A300 Ro+Uv+Uf+Mineral Controller Water Purifier


Aqua Ultra A300 Ro+Uv+Uf+Mineral Controller Water Purifier

Aqua Ultra a300 is a leading manufacturer of water purifying products delivering high quality and affordable water purifiers. At Aqua Ultra, we understand the importance of pure water for a better healthy life and hence we are using latest technologies to produce water purifier that removes such impurities and make water purest to drink. Our water purifier extracts harmful bacteria and impurity from natural water which is usually heavily contaminated and not recommended to consume directly. We use +UV, UF and RO technologies and also follow high technology industry standards of quality in manufacturing water purifiers.

Stage Of Purification Process 14  Stage 
Filtration Level90% to 95% TDS Remove 
Purification Method RO+UV+UF+MI
Purification Capacity 12-15 Lph 
Filter Life 15000 Liter 
FiltersPre-Filter, sediment,carbon,UF,UV,Membrane,Mineral cartridge 
Work Up to 2000 Tds  Borwell and Corporation Water 
Max. Duty Cycle100 Liter Day
Auto Shut OffYes
Type Of Purifier Electrical 
Booster Pump100 gpd 110 psi 
Membrane 1812-75 Gpd Imported made in USA
Storage Capacity15  liter 
Proffered Installation Wall mount / Counter Top 
Min. Inlet water pressure0.3kg/cm2
Operational Pressure Range 0.5-2.2kg/
In put voltage 100-300V Ac /50hz
Operating Voltage 24V DC 
Brand Aqua Ultra
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