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Android Versions Importance

 Android operating system is ruling the world today, and most of the mobile manufacturers design their mobile phones using Android operating system. Though there are many other operating systems such as Windows, but still mobile manufacturers as well as people are preferring only Android operating system. The main reason behind this is that they come with up new features and updates with new version frequently. This features will be quite interesting and helpful are not they? If you are a Android user then definitely your answer will be yes. Android system keeps the users active on their devices with huge number of applications too designed basing on this operating system. So, let’s check out how these versions are getting up better in their design and features from the previous versions. Here we will compare the Android versions of 9, 8, 7 and 6.

Android Version 9

Every one might be aware that, the latest and updated is the 9th version of Android. It has been named as Pie, by the application owners, which was released on 9th of august 2018. You might be wondering to check the lot more improvements that Pie as undergone, in comparison to its previous versions. User features that are added in this new version are as below:

  • One of the amazing features that Pie as got is the tap and able to get whatever gesture you like from anywhere.
  • User interface as got all new look, with the rounded corners for the settings of menu change.
  • Pie as come to you with an better overview, that makes you not to jump into or out of the apps all time for simple works.
  • One can be surprised to see the “dock” in a semi-transparent background in this newer version.
  • Though even the previous versions of Android have focussed on the improvement of battery life, this version as come up with the adaptive battery feature.
  • Messaging notifications have become even smarter with full conversations along with large images and smart replies.
  • Android Pie surprises you with its ability to track the brightness levels as per your requirements with its adaptive brightness feature.
  • Don’t get tensed to see ‘Screenshot’ option if you are using ‘Power’ button in Android 9, because it is designed with that feature.
  • Android Pie as bought you another fantastic feature that is App Actions, where the operating system predicts and pops out the apps before you do and save you with some taps.
  • New android Pie will not frustrate you to disable biometric authentication more than once.

Android Version 8

Android 8, popularly known as Oreo, is the last updated version of the Android operating system. This version was released on 27th of August 2017 and again updated on 5th of December 2017.

  • One of the best feature with Oreo basic version was designed is picture-in-picture that comes with resizable windows.
  • It has got instant applications feature that makes it different from its previous versions.
  • Oreo is improvised in notifications system along system settings in comparison to its previous versions.
  • In case if a device is on with Bluetooth option, then it will be notifying in ‘Quick settings’ regarding the low battery level.
  • Users will be able to see that last message in white color though they maintain the same previous transparent levels.
  • The other amazing feature one can experience in Oreo version is that navigation buttons will just dim out in case if they are not being used.
  • Oreo version is safer in the programmatic side with browsing actions that will fill the framework updates.

Android Version 7

Android version 7 with the name ‘Nougat’ was actually released on 22nd of August 2016, its basic version got updated for the first time on 4th of October 2016, second time on 5th of December 2016 and for the last time on 4th of April 2017. The best features that Nougat consists of are as mentioned below:

  • Nougat has surprised its users with much better multi-tasking facility that comes up with multi-window mode that is PIP freeform window.
  • In its 7.1 version it has updated with day dream virtual reality mode that will give brightness.
  • 7.1 also bought some improvements in the storage managing options to make it easier to access.
  • 7.1.1 version, has come up with a option that will allow in enabling new launch actions that will be happened upon the long press on the application icon.
  • 7.1.2 version of Android has made some Nixus along with Pixel specific improvements.
  • The last updated version of Nougat also keep on giving the alerts regarding the battery usage.

Android version 6

Android version 6 is the popular Marshmallow, which was released as a basic version on 5th of October 2015, later on updated with some improvements to it on 7th of December 2015. Let’s see its features.

  • It supports USB Type – C along with finger print authentication option.
  • This version as got an option of battery life with “deep sleep”, than its previous versions.
  • Marshmallow has come up with New emojis in its updated version.

The above mentioned are the features that were improved in Android operating system from version 6 to the latest one Android version 9 Pie. So, have a look at these features before you wish to have one new Android device in your palms.

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