35W USB DC load resistor electronic adjustable constant current industrial discharge 18650 resistance battery capacity tester

Input interface / output interface: plug-in interface + USB input port + with trigger USB port
Operating voltage: DC3-25V (compatible with Qualcomm QC2.0 A and B protocol 5V / 9V / 12V / 20V)
Operating current: 0.1-4.5A continuously adjustable (coarse adjustable 0.1-4.5A, fine adjustable +/- 0.2A)
Current error: no more than 2% + 3mA
Working power: no more than 35W (high voltage, please the current is less than 1.8A, so as not to cause excessive power overload discharge tube overload)
Fan regulator chip DC-DC chip switching frequency: 1.2MHZ
Dual input interface: USB input / 3.5mm pitch screw compression type terminal input
Power indicator: white LED
Fan speed: 4010 large size fan, speed 2900 / min
Control chip: HIDACE constant current chip
Adjustable potentiometer: metal material long life potentiometer
Knob Material: Alloy CND Computer gong on both sides of the metal button
Discharge tube type: imported voltage 100V current 5A temperature-type discharge tube
Product Size: 105 * 40 * 32mm
Product weight: 70g
Total weight of product: 105g

Product List:
1pcs 35W constant current adjustable dual tone electronic load
1set Alligator clip Wire
1pcs box

Product Display

Constant current dual tone design
HIDANCE this time to imitate the large DC power supply adjustment mode, you can coarse current 0.1-4.5A range,
Can also fine-tune the 0.2A range into the standard adjustment to adapt to the refinement of the current aging purposes

Intelligent temperature control fan

In order to extend the fan life, in the small current, the fan speed is slow, only in the case of high current high voltage power, the higher the temperature, the faster the fan speed, cooling better, so as to protect the device effect!

High cost aluminum heat sink

The discharge tube with screw is arranged in the aluminum heat sink, the faster the heat to the heat sink, then heat quickly blown by the fan, the safety and protection of the discharge tube and heat dissipation effect better, to adapt to the long time aging discharge in high power environment!

Various parts of the product

①Rust-proof machine teeth screw
②Low temperature drift quasi – regulated source
③USB female (trigger interface or freewheel purpose)
④USB input (3-25V)
⑤Blue light (voltage level indicator)
⑥Terminals(3-25V screw screw fixation)
⑦Cooling fan
⑧High cost aluminum heat sink
⑨Metal temperature resistant sampling resistance
⑩HIDANCE constant current operation chip
⑪Constant current fine-tuning (+/- 0.2A)
⑫Constant current coarse adjustment (0.1-4.5A)
⑬DC-DC switching power supply chip
⑭Fan power outlet

Support Qualcomm quick charge Voltage Current test

Through the QC2.0 / QC3.0 trigger, you can give QC2.0 quick charger for high-pressure aging discharge, you can also check whether the quick charge voltage current data!

Support the general lithium battery, Various batteries test

Through a number of tools, you can test the lithium battery, A, AA, AAA batteries, uric acid batteries and other types of batteries to test its voltage and current data

Test Power Bank capacity

Through the USB tester and our 35W constant current adjustable electronic discharge load, the Power Bank can be discharged, the display data is the actual capacity of Power Bank, in order to identify whether the actual Power Bank capacity!

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Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • Package Size: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm (1.97in x 1.97in x 1.97in)
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