Xiolife Twinjet Steam Controlled Mop only at Rs.6750

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By offer world April 17, 2018 17:24

Xiolife Twinjet Steam Controlled Mop only at Rs.6750

Xiolife Twinjet Steam Controlled Mop

Cleaning your house is no more a tough task with Xiolife Steam Mop. Be it the wine stain left over from previous nights party or an old stain which was left unnoticed, this easy-to-use mop is the perfect fix for all such problems. Twinjet steam mop cleanses and sanitizes any surfaces without using any chemicals or detergent. It features a carpet glider attachment to clean the carpets while its 180 degree swivel mop head reaches even the narrow spaces of your house to remove the dirt. It has a mesh structure and produces a high temperature steam of 120C. Its water tank cap has a valve cover that prevents leakage of water for hassle-free usage. It also allows you to choose between the low and high steam settings as per your requirement. Light in weight, this mop stick is easy to use.



Brand Xiolife
Model 7628-Twinjet
Type Steam mop
Technical Specifications
Steam Rate (Low Steam) 22 ml±3
Steam Rate (High Steam) 27 ml±4
Maximum Operation Time For 320ml 14 min±5%
Water Tank Capacity Max 320 ml±10%
Reactive Time For Steam in 20 sec±5%
Steam Temperature at Nozzle 120°C±5%
Rated Voltage 220-240 V
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Power 1550 W±5%-10%
Dimensions (L x W x H) 115 x 117 x 1200 mm
Additional Details
Applications Twinjet is effective on all floors such as wooden floors, vinyl flooring, marble, stones and many more. The carpet glider attachment is used to clean the carpets.
Super Fast Heat-up with High Temperature dry stream Steam ready in just 20 seconds. Steam mop heads with patented mesh structure, creates a high temperature steam of 120°c with less water condensation.
No Chemicals. Hygienic way of cleaning with Steam Steam mop use high temperature steam of 120°c to clean and sanitize tiles, vinyl and sealed hardwood laminate floors & carpets. Easy to use carpet glider for cleaning carpets and rugs. Removes dirt and grease without using strong detergents. The hygienic and eco- friendly way to clean the house.
Light, quick & easy No rinsing, wringing. No carrying buckets of water. Weighs just 2kgs, just 1/3rd of the weight of a bucket of water and mop.
Allow to select the perfect amount of steam for every floor cleaning task. Two steam setting – 1) Low Steam for dusting and light cleaning. 2) High Steam for scrub and tough cleaning.
Swivel Mop head Rotates at 180° in order to reach every nook and corners on the floor and cleans in all directions.
Carpet Glider Freshen and groom carpet surfaces with the power of steam.
Unique design Water Tank Cap avoids leaking Water tank cap comes with duck bill valve cover which avoids leaking.
WARRANTY: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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offer world
By offer world April 17, 2018 17:24
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