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Thanks to UMI for Great Phone UMI IRON PRO

Umi iron pro– the not so “pro” phone with a eye print scanner.

The last few years has seen a great rise in the Smartphone industry with the sales of Smartphone growing rapidly. Many new companies with some good Smartphone came in the market in the last few years and made it big.

Another such phone is the Umi Iron Pro. It has a very different feature from the other Smartphone that is the presence of an eye unlock scanner. Yes, this phone will lock with the unique nerves in eyes which is different for different people.

Whenever you see the name pro in a Smartphone, you think of a of one that is faster or has a better display or even a better camera over its predecessor. The UMI Iron Pro shows no update over the original UMI Iron , and all the only thing new is the addition of a USB-C port and a rear fingerprint scanner. Performance in benchmarks was slightly improved over the Iron, but not because of any changes to the core hardware.

If you were to use a pattern, PIN or eye-unlock feature you would first need to tap the power button to wake the screen, and given that it’s placed on the phone’s left edge this could be an issue if you’re protecting the Pro with a flip case.

The UMI Iron Pro is otherwise identical to the UMI Iron before it. For a phone it’s good-looking, and looks a mix of an HTC, Samsung Galaxy and iPhone 6S Plus. As before it’s made entirely from metal and glass.

UMI has the same 5.5in full-HD IPS screen, which is bright, clear and sharp, and keeps to the same dimensions and weight at 7.9mm thick and 148g. The pulse notification light remains at the Pro’s base, showing various colours for different types of notifications, so you never miss a call or text.

One thing that has changed is the battery capacity, which makes sense given the identical weight despite there being a new fingerprint scanner. Whereas previously the UMI Iron had a 3350mAh battery, on the box UMI now specifies only 3100-3300mAh. It also comes with a 16GB memory which can be expanded with a micro SD card.


The UMI Iron Pro runs the same core hardware as the UMI Iron and, save for the 3GB of RAM that sounds pretty good on paper, it’s not of the level we’d expect to find in a ‘Pro’ smartphone. Nevertheless, the performance afforded by the 1.3GHz octa-core MediaTek MTK6753 processor and ARM Mali-T720 GPU isn’t bad for a mid-range Android phone.

For overall performance on AnTuTu, the Iron Pro recorded 38,683 points; the original Iron scored 32,873.

Impressively, Internet browsing was the best in this phone. Iron Pro performed a little better than the Iron, with 1288ms against its 1552ms (lower is better in this test). This is way off flagship-level, but more impressive than phones such as the OnePlus 2 (1471ms), Moto G 2014 (1504ms), Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 (1545ms) and Sony Xperia M2 (1647ms).

It also comes on the slightly bulky side of phone, weighing around 148 grams and also has support for OTG cables.


The Iron Pro features the same cameras, as we already told, as the UMI Iron, which means there’s the 13Mp, f/2.0 Sony IMX214 camera at the front with six precision lenses and dual-LED flash. The UMI now uses software to boost this resolution to 20Mp – that’s in 4:3 aspect ratio. With full-screen the most you will get is 15Mp. All the usual modes are available, including HDR, Panorama, Live Photo and Motion-Tracking. You can also get real-time previews of various filters.

The camera does not click impressive pictures, but pretty decent for the price it comes with.

And for the people who love to take selfies, you can do take them at night too! This phone comes with a 8 megapixel front camera, along a LED flash.


The UMI Iron Pro runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop but it also supports Rootjoy, which means you should be able to plug it into a laptop and relatively quickly and easily install a new OS, including Xiaomi’s MIUI. Rootjoy can also be used for backup purposes.

The software will be familiar to existing Android users, with few additions to the standard Lollipop OS. UMI has added a handful of apps such as U Health, SuperSU and ViPer4Android, plus app permissions, the Pulse notification light and the ability to configure a Guest user account. There are no smart wake gestures as seen in the UMI Iron, however, which doesn’t seem to be too good.


For a “pro” phone, it has mouthing new except a new USB-C cable and a fingerprint scanner. It does a pretty decent job for the price tag it comes with and also has a cool eyeprint scanner. It does not make much sense to buy it just because of the pro tag. The UMI Iron is a better buy instead.

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By Rjain February 22, 2016 18:46
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