Reviews CHUWI LapBook Windows 10 Laptop 15.6 inch Notbook 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 10000mAh Battery HDMI Bluetooth 4.0 Camera WiFi

By Rjain February 4, 2017 10:28

Reviews CHUWI LapBook Windows 10 Laptop 15.6 inch Notbook 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 10000mAh Battery HDMI Bluetooth 4.0 Camera WiFi

Chinese company Chuwi which has launched good number of smartphones as now made its way into producing Laptops. Just like Xiaomi, Chuwi also made its entry into Laptops by designing 15.6 inches Lapbook. This lapbook just resembles a computer that can be hold in the palms. Lets get into further more details.



Best Features

  1. Chuwi lapbook offers full HD screen of 15.6 inches though it is a laptop.
  2. This Lapbook offers best resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  3. Chuwi lapbook is a ultra thin laptop and is not so bulky to be carried anywhere.
  4. It includes 4 Gb of RAM that will allow us to perfectly run multiple applications at same time.
  5. One of the most important thing of this lapbook is that, it produces best graphics as it is designed using latest Intel HD Graphics.
  6. Chuwi Lapbook architecture includes new version of operating system that is Windows 10 Redstone.
  7. Chuwi lapbook will be able to connect to the TV or projector with the help of HDMI port present on the device.
  8. This laptop has a huge battery with a capacity of 10,000 milli amperes.


  1. The only drawback of Chuwi lapbook is that it has just 64 Gb of internal memory which is too low for a laptop.


Chuwi lapbook is an ultrathin laptop. When compared with other laptops it is 50% thinner, because the back side of laptop is completely designed in plastic rather than metallic finishing which usually all laptops and smartphones will be designed. Hence it also makes this laptop to be lightly at the same time, instead of being bulky which will be difficult to carry with us anywhere. Thickness of Chuwi lapbook ranges from 9 to 22 mm at the same time it looks simply attractive. It weighs just about 1860 grams which is average and henceforth it is portable. This lapbook has got elegant look only with the main enclosure of the device. Dimensions of Chuwi Lapbook are 37.10 x 23.97 x 2.20 cm. This device comes with a full size keyboard. While the main feature of this keyboard, is its trackpad where each and every detail is curated as well as mis-touch is prevented.

Design specifications

Dimensions: 37.10 x 23.97 x 2.20 cm

Material: Plastic

Weight: 1860 grams

Thickness: 9 to 22 mm


Chuwi lapbook’s most important factor is its display, because this is one of the lapbook that offers bigger and full HD screen. It is super large screen with its size being 15.6 inches. It is just a wonderful experience to view movies or browsing or working on a large screen laptop. Hence the resolution offered is also the best which is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This display screen will produce rich colours along with the sharper contrast to view. So the users can view web pages, images, movies, videos etc in perfect sharpness and contrast. This lapbook has an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is quite good enough.

Display Specifications

Display screen size: 15.6 inches

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Hardware & Storage

Chuwi Lapbook of 15.6 inches is loaded with Intel X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 processor in its architecture. This advanced processor runs fastly and gives good performance. It is a quad core processor that is clocked at at a frequency of 1.44 GHz. Intel X5 CPU has been involved with the fabrication process at 14 nm. While the CPU used in this device is of 64 bit.  Using this fabrication process CPU will not get damaged with over heating or else face any lagging problems. In order to give best graphics while playing games or even while watching videos, this device makes use of advanced 8th generation GPU. It is Intel HD graphics that allows to run the media files smoothly as well as at a faster rate.

Chuwi Lapbook has been packed up with 4 Gb of RAM which is good enough to run multiple applications at same time and store huge amounts of data without any difficulty. Apart from this, lapbook is also provided with 64 Gb of ROM which is quite low.  Because laptops should be loaded with large amount of memory as they are used for storing high number of files, media, applications and many more. Hence the main drawbacks of this laptop is lack of internal memory. But, still there is an option to expand memory upto 128 Gb, using microSD card slot that is present on the device. This memory is used for storing music, videos, data, files and others.

Hardware specifications

Chipset:  Intel X5 Cherry Trial Z8300

Processor: Quad Core processor

Bit: 64 bit

Frequency: 1.44 GHz

Fabrication process: 14 nm

GPU: Intel HD Graphics

Storage Specifications

RAM: 4 Gb

ROM: 64 Gb

Expandable: Yes

Expandable upto: 128 Gb

Mode: MicroSD card


Chuwi Lapbook will run Windows 10 operating system in its software. The newer version of Windows 10 is Windows 10 Redstone which is latest operating system from Microsoft. It  runs smoothly and gives not only good productivity but also entertainment. It has been uploaded with Cortana assistant, Xbox game along with Edge browser to give better user experience while using this device. As this is a operating system from Microsoft, hence it has been loaded with MS Office that includes various applications such as MS Office, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and others.

Software Specifications

Operating System: Windows 10

Version: Windows 10 Redstone


Chuwi Lapbook is designed with dual USB 2.0 ports in order to transfer any data quickly and easily without delay. Hence data transfer will be taken place at faster in between laptop and other devices. The two USB ports that are USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are designed on two sides of the Lapbook. Another major advantage of Chuwi Lapbook is that it has included micro HDMI port in its design. This port allows to connect with TV or Projector and allows to enjoy movies or videos on the larger screen. It also includes audio jack of 3.5 mm for placing headphones. This device is also capable of connecting WiFi network as well as Bluetooth. Apart from this, it also allows users to WLAN card in order to use wireless network.

Connectivity Specifications

WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

USB Ports: USB 2.0 & USB 3.0

Headphone jack: 3.5 mm

HDMI: Micro HDMI port


Battery offered by Chuwi Lapbook is very huge and last for long duration. It has a large capacity of 10,000 milli amperes. This gives tough competition to its competitors. Once it is charged completely it long last all day perfectly without problems and there will not be any low battery issue. Charging device is not a big deal because it will be charged quickly with the help of the charger that comes along with this laptop. Chuwi Lapbook is accompanied with original charger of 5V / 3A.

Battery Specifications

Battery capacity: 10,000 milli amperes

Standby Time: 7 to 8 hours

Games: 5 to 6 hours

Charger: 5V / 3A

Inside the Package

Upon unpacking Chuwi Lapbook we would be able to see device, usb cable, charger, head phone, keyboard, warranty card and user manual.


Chuwi Lapbook is one of the best laptop with the latest processor.  Because it offers fast performance which is the most important factor that is considered by us before we purchase it. It also has good graphics that is one of the best thing for game lovers. Another best feature of this laptop is that it has full HD screen. That will display colours accurately and spreads them evenly with out any grains. Only drawback is less internal memory but it will be overcome by expandable memory. It also comes with the latest operating system that allows us to enjoy operating it very smoothly. Hence it can be considered has one of the best laptop available with the updated features.

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By Rjain February 4, 2017 10:28
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