Review MUBOX Bluetooth Speaker

By Rjain October 4, 2016 10:44

Review MUBOX Bluetooth Speaker

MUBOX Bluetooth Speaker

MUBOX speaker comes with Bluetooth technology of 4.0 version. The special feature of this speaker is its wireless system. Thus, its portable system helps to be carried out any where to listen the music as well as talk using speaker. It is built with specialized Bluetooth chip CSR8635 which amplifies and gives good audio. Apart from this Bluetooth chip it is also built with American Texas Instruments digital power amplifier which also takes part in giving high performance audio quality.

MUBOX Bluetooth Speaker uses battery of 3.7 voltage with 1500 mAh. It gives maximum power output of 10 watts when it is charged continuously for 2 hours. One of the best feature of this device is that it can be connected to the other audio devices such as tablet, smart phone, laptop, desk top computer or MP3 player. This connection as to be made with the help of 3.5 mm auxiliary input source that is present on the device. The outer cover of this device is built with Aluminium alloy which not only benefits in durability but also looks attractive. This speaker is built in such way that non- slip Silicon mat which is at the bottom of the speaker prevents from falling down.

This device as in-built microphone that helps in talking calls with clear voice. To use the loudspeaker functionality of this device it comes with a loudspeaker accommodation mode button. It is inbuilt with the two 1.5 inch speakers that is combined with vibrating passive diaphragm. This combination is used in order to improve sound quality which also allows in giving dynamic and powerful sound as output. Though the weight of this speaker is just 320 grams, it comes in dimensions of 182*60*32 mm but the communication range is less than 10 meters.

MUBOX speaker mic specification is 4015 – 42+_ 3 decibels. While its speaker specifications are 40 mm 4 omega 4W X2. This MUBOX speaker sensitivity will be in the range of 75 +_ 3 decibels and is average at 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 hertz. The stand by time of this speaker is approximately 24 hours and talk time will be 10 hours while music time will be approximately 3 to 4 hours.

One of the great features that MUBOX Bluetooth speaker comes with is NFC connectivity. This Near Field Connectivity helps in wireless transmission to the speaker only with the devices that is enabled with this feature. The frequency range of this device is 2400 to 2483.5 Mega Hertz. While the center frequency range is 2441.000 Mega Hertz. MUBOX speaker is compatible with following smartphones that are iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S, Samsung Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, iPhone 6S plus and iPhone 6.

MUBOX speaker comes in 4 colours that are Rose Gold, Blue, Green and Space Grey. On the front side of this speaker only multi function along with volume button is present. While on the back side of this speaker On/ Off button along with auxiliary input, reset and micro usb buttons are present. This speaker delivers rich sound which will steam deep bass, melodious middle and crisp treble sound.

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By Rjain October 4, 2016 10:44
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