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Symphony Siesta 95 XL Air Cooler For Home with Honeycomb Pads, Powerful Fan, and Cool Flow Dispenser (95L, White) – Offer World

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Price: ₹16,999 - ₹9,499.00
(as of May 28, 2024 16:27:38 UTC – Details)

From the manufacturer


Your Cooling Companion

Introducing the Symphony Siesta 95 XL Cooler, designed for your ultimate cooling comfort. Equipped with high efficiency honeycomb pads, this cooler ensures efficient and refreshing air circulation. The Cool Flow Dispenser enhances cooling performance, while the generous 95 liters water tank capacity provides extended comfort. Plus, it saves 10% more energy compared to AC, making it a smart choice for a cool and comfortable space.






Inverter Compatibility

Symphony air coolers seamlessly integrates with inverter systems, providing uninterrupted coolness during power outages, which makes it a reliable cooling solution for your home.

Auto Louver Movement

The Auto Louver Movement feature of the cooler ensures even distribution of cool air, reaching every corner providing consistent comfort of every person in the room.

Cool Flow Dispenser

This innovative feature facilitates even distribution of water on all sides and optimizes air distribution for enhanced cooling performance a cool and comfortable atmosphere in your space.

Large Water Tank Capacity

With 95 liters large water tank capacity, the cooler ensures prolonged cooling without frequent refills so that your room stays refreshed and cool.





Honeycomb Pads

The Honeycomb pad in the cooler enhances cooling efficiency. With its unique hexagonal pattern, it ensures optimal moisture retention, creating a refreshing cooling experience in your space.

Cross Ventilation

For optimal cooling, enhance your experience by opening doors and windows. Allow cross ventilation to maximize the circulation of refreshing air, ensuring a more effective cooling.

Water Overflow Outlet

When the water level reaches its maximum capacity, the overflow outlet drain out excess water, maintaining a clean and efficient cooling process.

Drain Plug

The drain plug ensures effortless maintenance of the cooler, allowing you to conveniently drain water & clean the tank effortlessly. It also enhances the longevity of the cooler.





Water Level Indicator

Stay informed and cool with transparent water level indicator. Easily monitor the water level, ensuring a constant supply for uninterrupted refreshing breezes.

Knob Control

The Knob Control offers effortless customization and you can easily select from three cooling modes and three speed settings for the perfect cooling experience.

Water/Ice Inlet

You can simply fill water in the tank through the inlet or add some ice through the same for enhanced chill, creating an instant oasis of refreshing coolness.

360° Caster Wheels

These sturdy, rotating wheels ensure smooth and hassle-free mobility, allowing you to easily move it from room to room and placing your cooler wherever you needed.

Coverage Area: The portable air cooler is appropriate for rooms up to an area of 34 square meters under optimal conditions.
Enhanced Cooling: With a durable pump and honeycomb cooling pads, this air cooler ensures the even and efficient distribution of water and air, promoting lasting freshness.
Fresh Living with i-Pure Technology: This Symphony air cooler employs advanced filters to cleanse the air it releases. Enjoy optimal cooling with the freedom to keep doors and windows open.
Effortless Cooling: Experience expansive cooling with powerful air throw and automated swing feature, ensuring efficient and widespread cooling comfort throughout your space.
Cool Flow Dispenser: Experience exceptional cooling with this air cooler, as the cool flow dispenser ensures the even distribution of water for consistent comfort.
Power Saving Performance: This home air cooler uses only about 150 Watts of energy and works with inverters, allowing you to relax this summer without sweating about bills or power outages.
Tank Capacity: This cooler comes with a 95-liter water tank with a water level indicator, providing ample water for long-lasting cooling.
Effortless Operation: The air cooler features user-friendly dial knobs for easy use, adding a touch of modern elegance. Castor wheels ensure seamless mobility for added convenience
Warranty: The Symphony Siesta 95 XL air cooler is protected by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, covering only manufacturing defects.
Package Inclusion: 1 unit air cooler, 4 units castor wheels

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Symphony Siesta 95 XL Air Cooler For Home with Honeycomb Pads, Powerful Fan, and Cool Flow Dispenser (95L, White) – Offer World
Symphony Siesta 95 XL Air Cooler For Home with Honeycomb Pads, Powerful Fan, and Cool Flow Dispenser (95L, White) – Offer World

16,999.00 9,499.00

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