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Daikin 1.8 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2022 Model, MTKM60U, White) – Offer World

83,900.00 59,990.00

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Price: ₹83,900 - ₹59,990.00
(as of Jun 11, 2024 01:21:43 UTC – Details)

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Dew Clean TechnologyDew Clean Technology

Power ChillPower Chill

Triple DisplayTriple Display

Dew Clean Technology is a one button operation, that, when activated, automatically cleans the evaporator coil of the indoor unit heat exchanger by utilizing condensate water. This allows for better cleaning of Indoor Unit Heat Exchanger which ensures better airflow & consistent cooling performance throughout the year.

Power chill operation of your AC ensures instant and faster cooling even in the extreme heat conditions. It cools 20% faster than the normal mode providing instant relief from the heat.

Daikin’s triple display feature enables you to witness power saving due to inverter technology in form of estimated power consumption percentage of your AC at any given point in time, on real time basis along with set/room temperature and error code.

3D Airflow3D Airflow

Stabilizer InsideStabilizer Inside

Econo ModeEcono Mode

3D Airflow ensures 4 way automatic uniform cooling at every corner of your room for a great air conditioning experience.

This machine is equipped with Stabilizer inside which removes its dependency from the external stabilizer. This is different from stabilizer free operation as it regulates voltage too.

Econo mode enables efficient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption. It is useful when using the air-conditioner and other electrical devices simultaneously on a shared electrical circuit. This mode helps you in reducing your electricity bills.

PM 2.5 FilterPM 2.5 Filter


Cools at 54Cools at 54

It is capable to Trap fine air particles upto 2.5 microns resulting clean and pure inside air.

R32 (Green Refrigerant) has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Modified Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 472, compared to R410A’s Modified GWP of 2,027. Also R32 is a single component refrigerant, which makes it easy to recycle. It is because of these reasons that R32 offers the lowest total emissions and best overall life cycle climate performance.

Now, you do not need to worry about air conditioner operations at high ambient temperature. This model works upto 54 deg Celsius ambient temperature.

100% Copper Coil100% Copper Coil


Coanda AirflowCoanda Airflow

Daikin air conditioners Condensers are equipped with 100% copper coils which functions as the backbone for robust air conditioning system.

With Daikin’s high ISEER models, you get a product with a rating of 5.2* ISEER, which is best in the 5 star category and is extremely energy efficient. As per BEE standard, the qualifying criteria for 5 star rating AC is of 4.5 ISEER. It ensures that you get the high performance(15% Higher ISEER) in the 5 star category.

Radiant cooling enhances comfort cooling by evenly distributing air in every corner of the room. With the help of one click on your remote control, experience enhanced comfort.

Split AC with inverter Swing compressor: High ISEER(5.2); Dew clean technology to ensure healthy air
Capacity 1.8 Ton: Suitable for large sized rooms (151 sq.ft to 200 sq.ft)
5 Star: Best in class efficiency
Warranty: 1 Years on Product, 5 Years on PCB, 10 Years on Compressor
Copper Condenser Coil: Better cooling and requires low maintenance
Key Features- Cooling Capacity @ 43°C: 100%; Noise Level: 38 db(A); Ambient Operation: 54°C
Special Features: Triple Display (Power consumption %age, Set/Room Temperature & Auto error code); Dew clean technology that cleans indoor unit coil with a press of button
Refrigerant gas: R32 Environmental friendly – no ozone depletion potential
IDU Dimensions (229x885x298 ccms) ODU Dimensions (695x930x350 ccms & IDU (11 kg) ODU (33KG)
Indoor Unit, Outdoor Unit, Remote Control, User manual, Warranty Card & Standard Installation Kit

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Daikin 1.8 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2022 Model, MTKM60U, White) – Offer World
Daikin 1.8 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, PM 2.5 Filter, 2022 Model, MTKM60U, White) – Offer World

83,900.00 59,990.00

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