OVEVO SH03B Bluetooth Headphone Review

By Rjain October 1, 2016 10:13

OVEVO SH03B Bluetooth Headphone Review

Thanks to Ovevo for Launch Best Bluetooth Headphone. I receive this product and i share my some thought about this product.

OVEVO SH03B Bluetooth Headphone is the best one because it gives the crystal clear sound as the output. This head set fits perfectly in the ears. It is not only built with the latest technology but also looks very fashionable through its design. Even though it is in the ears for long time, but still it doesn’t fall down due to the inorganic Silicon gel that is used in its design. So because of its comfortable design and can be worn even while doing work out. We show interest in purchasing this product.

The head set is designed in circular shape because of this we will be feeling strong pressure when we wear it for long time. The neckband makes us feel more comfortable while using it because Titanium material is used in its construction. It is built with high quality material so that it can withstand for shock or dust or even water. That is there will not be any damage to the head set. This is the wireless headphones. Only one button that is present in the headset will allow to play music or even answer the calls. There are only three buttons on this head set but is used to do five functionality. The five functions that can be performed are MSB, previous or next song and to increase or decrease volume.

SH03B Bluetooth Headphone is built with HiFi quality speakers that makes it unique compared with other headsets. The usage of CSR chips in the construction of this headset gives the five advantages over other headsets. The five advantages with this SH03B are high quality of sound, telephone calls, wireless function, stable signal levels and independent calculation of CPU. We can talk phone calls through this device without any noise. This is possible only with the usage of dual noise reduction solution along with CVC digital processing technology.

SH03B Bluetooth Headphone is built with Bluetooth technology of 4.0 version and at the same time the circuit built as been optimized. This helps in saving  30% of power used by headset. The talk time of this device is  8hours which is the best one while the device can be in standby mode for approximately 7 days. It will be taking very less time to change this device that is about 2 hours only while the music playing time can be for 6 hours. It uses too low power supply that is only 5 volts but it gives high performance.

The best feature of this Bluetooth headphone is it functions using NFC function apart from the microphone usage in this. It as the facility to be used as multi connection function. To connect this product to the others it will come with Micro USB which can be used as interface. It as very less weight of just 0.015 kg. Hence this is the best device which as been developed with the advanced features in a small device. There are no drawbacks with this device.

Highlights of SH03B
Kilo Design original:
Memory Neckband of Titanium Material
High quality speaker from Deutsschland
CSR Bluetooth Chips
Dual Noise reduction
Low energy by using BT4.0
Smart APP control
Three proofing Cover
Different sizes Silicon Ear Gel

Basic Specifications of SH03B
– Weight: 17.2g(Net Weight)
– Charging port: Micro USB
– Keys: 5 (MFB button, volume+ button, volume- button, backward button, forward button)
– Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery 3.7V; 120mAh
– Standby time: about 200 hours
– Talk time: about 8 hours
– Music time: about 6 hours

Speaker and MIC parameters
– Speaker specifications / mode: Φ9mm
– Impedance: 32Ω/ typ
– Frequency(Hz): 20Hz~20KHz
– MIC Style: capacitive
– MIC sensitivity: -42±3dB

Bluetooth Parameters
– Bluetooth version: 4.0
– Support Profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
– Transmission distance: 10m

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By Rjain October 1, 2016 10:13
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