OVEVO Melody Z3 Smart Colourful LED Lamp Bluetooth Speaker Review

By Rjain October 18, 2016 10:31

OVEVO Melody Z3 Smart Colourful LED Lamp Bluetooth Speaker Review

OVEVO offers the best portable LED lamp along with the speaker. This lamp as various colours that can be enjoyed by its users. This speaker is built using the Bluetooth technology which is one of the best feature that is liked by its users. This device can be known as multi tasking device. It is made of fine aluminium that not only looks attractive in design but also comfortable in handling it. This device is in cylindrical shape and gives the transparent effect of the light. As the lamp shade of this speaker is built using Acrylic material, the translucent light effect looks more natural light. Thus this light effect is one of the attractive feature of this speaker.

The unique feature of this OVEVO LED Smart Lamp Speaker is that it allows us to enjoy the music in its unique colours at any place. To give this attractive feature it has been optimized 103 times to produce 16 million colours. One of the attractive features is as the music changes in the device the brightness of the colour light will change accordingly. This is one of the feature which makes it unique and the users are interested to purchase it. OVEVO LED Lamp Speaker allows the users to change to their favourite colour at any time by just using their smartphone. This application also allows the users to set the alarm through phone and change the brightness of the colour at any time of the day. Using the application and smartphone colours in this device can be changed within few minutes.

The OVEVO LED Speaker Lamp is built with the 5 watts dual loudspeakers along with the patented LF diaphragm. This helps in high sound quality music without any disturbances. As an add on the HiFi operational circuit used to build this device makes to restore high quality sound. The microphone that is inbuilt in this device helps in hands free calls. The audio interface of 3.5 mm that comes with this device makes it to connect to the computer or tablet or many other devices. This device helps to great your dear ones or family members by just setting the music  alarm through this LED Lamp Speaker.

This device is available at very affordable price and as the attractive features which makes the warm bed light only through its music and setting the theme light  according to the situation. This device weighs just 568 grams only. It uses Bluetooth technology of version V4.0. The battery used in this device is of 3.4 volts but the drawback is that the charging time is 4 hours. There is no requirement of any remote control to operate this LED Lamp Speaker. It would be more advantage to the users incase if it had included inbuilt radio in this device. It can be used either as blue tooth speaker or bed side lamp. That is this offers two functions at very low cost.

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By Rjain October 18, 2016 10:31
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