IP68 certified rugged phone ioutdoor T1 mid-year sales starts

By Rjain June 29, 2018 18:19

IP68 certified rugged phone ioutdoor T1 mid-year sales starts

IP68 certified rugged phone, ioutdoor T1 mid-year sales starts only US$29.99!

In the blink of an eye, 2018 has passed more than a half. This recent two months, many manufacturers have launched their own flagship devices, the market has ushered in a new wave of replacement. ioutdoor, which focuses on the outdoor rugged phone device, In addition to the expected upcoming “The World’s Thinnest” full-screen rugged smartphone: ioutdoor X, ioutdoor also starts a new wave of clearance sales at the end of June. ioutdoor T1, which original price is 34.99 US dollars, now only sells 29.99 dollars on bangood.com, Buyers who require high quality but with limited budgets in hands, deserve this recommendation.

ioutdoor T1 is a handset developed for harsh outdoor conditions and special groups of people, such as construction workers, couriers, armies, explorers, etc. Its protection level has passed the international standard IP68 certification (the highest protection index in the industry at present), which can easily withstand daily accidental falls, impacts, underwater immersion, dust cover and other tests,

ioutdoor T1 adopts military-grade industrial design, and its appearance interface is processed by special modules, which can effectively prevent the microparticle objects from entering the fuselage by 99.99%, even immersing in 2 meters deep water for up to 30 minutes will not affect the normal operation of the phone. its shell is made of Bayer TPU in Germany. As we all know, the quality of Bayer TPU is one of the best TPU brands in the world. Adopt double-color injection molding, soft and hard glue forming in one, ioutdoor T1’s anti-drop height is up to 2 meters. After many tests in the laboratory, ioutdoor T1 can also cycle in the temperature range from -30 to 60 degrees and work normally.

Compared to ordinary mobile phones, ioutdoor T1 also has a complementary point, that is its ultra-strong signal penetration, it basically supports all the global 2G network area, and supports the dual SIM card mode. In the field with weak communication signals such as a basement, dense high-rises building area or mountain regions, ioutdoor T1 can double the speed of searching signal, increase more connection possibility for you. Packed with a removable battery of 2100mAh, under normal use, it is not a problem to standby for more than one month.


ioutdoor has always been committed to creating the best quality products with the most favorable price for customers. Whether it is the quality of workmanship or price, ioutdoor T1 really explains what is the“king of cost-effective”。ioutdoor T1 has won praise from users around the world on multiple platforms,Now bangood.com is offering a great deal of discount again, Friends who are interested should never miss this opportunity, Click this link directly to order to enjoy more discount: https://bit.ly/2KtFDdX

Learn more about ioutdoor welcome to the official website: http://ioutdoor.cc

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By Rjain June 29, 2018 18:19
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