FlyMemo DM007 RC Quad Copter

By Rjain February 4, 2016 10:29

FlyMemo DM007 RC Quad Copter

FlyMemo DM007 RC Quad Copter

FlyMemo DM007 RC Quad Copter is designed in its own unique way, with an inbuilt 2 mega pixels camera and LCD remote control. The 2 MP camera which comes with this quad copter helps in taking images from different angles. Indeed this camera will record images in its memory which will be taken from sky in different angles.  While the remote control which comes with this device helps in controlling it when it is flying. It helps in flying very fastly that too without any difficulties.

This quad copter is generally known as 6 axis 4 CH quad copter, while its model number is DM007. It will come only in one standard color that is black color. It as the frequency range of 2.4 GHz with a Gyro of 6 axis and with 4 channels. This device comes with a battery of 7.4 volts with 380 milli amperes. While the transmitter battery is of 4 X 1.5 volts AA which is not included with this device.

FlyMemo Quad Copter as to be charged for about 80 to 90 minutes so that it will be flying for approximately 6 to 8 minutes continuously. This quad copter can be controlled using its remote control from approximately 150 meters. It is not compulsory to fly it only in the day time but can also be fly in night time also. Quad copter weighs around 750 grams. This device as to be used by the people who are above the age of 14 years.

FlyMemo Quad Copter is made up of electronic components while its outer cover is made of plastic. The size of this device is 21*18.5*8 centimeters and the another best feature is it can be folded. So that it can be carried any where and easy to be used. This quad copter as been certified by EN71 along with EN62115.

FlyMemo Quad Copter is a good device for the beginners because it will have phone support and in case of any emergency there will be downloadable custom photo or else gray scale manual. Even the phone support will be available at the time of repairs. This quad copter will fly very easily from left to right and also will flip as well as turn 360 degrees by rotating. It is the best instrument to learn how to land the copter in easier ways. This copter is equipped with two types of controlling modes that are beginners and experts mode.

The negative points of this Fly Memo Quad Copter is it can be used only for the learning and cannot be used for high end purpose. The size of this drone is very small compared with others. But, instead the LCD remote control that helps in controlling this copter is larger in size when compare. The flight time of this drone as to be increased because the charging time is more when compared. Hence it cannot be usd in places such as bushes or for far distances more than 150 meters. The best feature of this copter is it is built with good components and plastic which when hit to the harder surfaces will not cause any damage. The placement of batteries is in safer place. Also, the camera of this device helps in giving quality images.

Main Features:
Flymemo DM007 2.4G 4CH LCD RC quadcopter 6 axis gyro explorer with 2.0MP camera
High definition 2.0MP camera allows you to record the beautiful views from the sky angle
2.4Ghz 4 channels transmitter with trimmer. Strong anti – interference performance ensures long distance control
6 – axis gyro quad – rotor aircraft flight, strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control
2.4G technology adopted for anti-interference, more copters fly at the same time can not interfere with each other
Agile and precise 360 degree eversion for different directions such as forward, backward, left, right
2 flight speed modes (low / fast )for both beginners and experts
With cool night light, perfect for night flight
Ready to fly indoor and outdoor
Certificate: EN71 EN62115
Copter battery: Replaceable 7.4V 380mAh li-po (included)
Flying time: 6 – 8mins
Charging time: 80 -90mins
Control distance: Approx. 150m
Plug: EU

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By Rjain February 4, 2016 10:29
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