Process of Dual 4G VoLTE Solution

By Rjain July 13, 2017 11:53

Process of Dual 4G VoLTE Solution

New 4G VoLTE Solution from MediaTek

MediaTek Inc. as per its announcement has grandly launched dual 4G VoLTE solution for one of the Chinese mobile phone. The best and important feature of this is that 4G connectivity can be used on both of the sim slots. But, where as in other mobiles till date only on one sim slot we were able to use 4G VoLTE, while on the other we were using just 2G or 3G network connectivity. Hence with this design and invention of MediaTek there has been lot of benefit to the people. Because this is a great solution to the problem of using both 4G sims only on a single mobile device.

Process of Dual 4G VoLTE Solution

MediaTek has become successful, in designing the architecture of chipset, in such a way that it will make use of two 4G sims on single mobile device in both the sim slots. It has been integrated into not only Helio X30 but also other chipsets that come up in future. Hence allowing users to use both 4G sims on dual 4G VoLTE mobile device. But it also improves call quality along with the huge amounts of data transfers to other mobiles. Hence making it easier for consumers, to use the internet efficiently without any difficulty at the same time enjoy the calling without any interferences during the call conversations.

4G VoLTE Smartphone Overcame by 4G Dual VoLTE Solution

The only main difference between 4G VoLTE smartphones and 4G dual VoLTE solution is the usage of 4G connectivity. It means that 4G VoLTE smartphones will allow to use only in one sim slot while the latter device allows its users to use 4G connectivity in both of the sim slots. Hence this most important aspect has been designed using Helio X30 chipset. So this chipset will be the first one to take this opportunity and combine its architecture with Chinese mobile.

Importance of VoLTE in Smartphones

VoLTE 4G smartphones play most important role in present day life. It is because of the high demand and utility of huge data at faster speed on the mobile phones. As the speed as well as quality of data and call is not upto the point due to lot of intermissions, hence there is high importance for VoLTE at present. 4G VoLTE is nothing but, LTE feature with 4G connectivity that is based on HD voice technology. 4G VoLTE makes video calling easier with faster speed.

Though at present only one Chinese mobile has been launched, but within few days more mobile phones will be launched with dual 4G sim slots. This is only due to the increasing demand for the 4G connectivity and its usage.

By Rjain July 13, 2017 11:53
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