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Le 1s – Frequently Asked Questions: Part 6
Hello, SuperFans! Here's part 6 of our Frequently Asked Questions. Have more questions? Write to us in this thread.

How does one take a screenshot on the Le 1s?

To take a screenshot, press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons at the same time and release.

What is the usable internal memory of the Le 1s?

The Le 1s has 25 GB user-accessible storage.

I am currently satisfied with the performance of my Le 1s smartphone. Is it possible to not install any new updates?

OTA updates contain improvements and fixes for issues reported by #SuperFans, so we'd definitely recommend updating to the latest version. However, if you have any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service Hotline at 1800 30101838.

How can I submit feedback on my Le 1s?

Please go to Home screen > System Tools to find the feedback application.

When can we expect the OTA updates for improvement?

The OTA update has been pushed out to beta testers right now and will be soon available for everyone. Please stay tuned for announcements on our Social Media channels.

How can I enable HDR mode on my Le 1s?

Please open the Camera app, go to Photo mode, and swipe up (instead of sideways). This will bring up a sub-menu and you’ll find an icon above ‘Photo’ menu. Drag the icon upward from Capture option to enable HDR mode.

How many fingerprint impressions can be added on the Le 1s?

The mirror-surfaced fingerprint scanner on your SuperPhone supports recognition of up to 5 different fingerprints.

How can I get a message delivery report as I am currently not receiving it?

Please go to Messages > Hold the Menu button > Enable the Delivery report.

I am unable to use mobile data while roaming. Why is this happening?

Please go to Home Screen > Settings > Dual Sim and mobile networks > Select the Sim and there you can find the option to turn on/off Data Roaming.

What are the changes in the latest update?

Please visit the link for the complete details on new update:

How can I disable LeView on my Le 1s?

Go to Home screen > Settings and disable Le Ecosystem Content.

I have been noticing that the contacts on my Le 1s are merging. Why is this happening?

For contact merging issues, please disable the required contact settings. Go to Contacts > Settings > Display contacts by account.

How do I enable Screen Pinning on the Le 1s Eco?

Go to Fingerprint Password > Other Security options > Enable Screen pinning. You can hold the multi-tasking button and can pin any apps you want to work on without any disturbance.

I recently lost my Le 1s Eco phone. Is there any security feature that can help me get it back?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any mechanism to track the stolen device as of now. Only the Police department can track your device with assistance from operator teams. Basically, through the IMEI # they can identify the details of the new SIM card inserted in the device with same IMEI #.

Where can I find the scale view on my phone?

Please go to Home Screen>Settings>Display>Scale view and click zoom to make text font bigger.

I am unable to download applications via mobile data. Please help me find a solution.

Please go to the Settings, click "App Settings" on the bottom-right corner and click "Download". In the next screen, select "No Limit" and then click "Done".

How can I use the Compass application that is available on the Le 1s Eco?

Open the Compass application and place the compass in its calibration mode by waving your phone in the shape of number 8 horizontally.
- See more at:

Thanks given by:

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